Saturday, March 10, 2012

OmniCorp Detroit: Our First Hackerspace Visit

We first learned of the growing hackerspace movement when we attended the 2010 Detroit Maker Faire. Hackerspaces are community workshops where members have access to the equipment and the space. This, we thought, was the perfect type of venue to teach our workshop, "Build a Bottlecap Contact Mic with CMKT 4". The first hackerspace we taught at was OmniCorp Detroit. This hackerspace is located on the 2nd floor of an old produce warehouse in Detroit's East Market neighborhood. Initially, upon arrival, we could not find the entrance to the hackerspace. We even asked some people on the street, and they knew nothing of OmniCorp. Upon closer inspection, we saw a door marked with a small sticker with the hackerspace logo. This, we would eventually learn, is not uncommon for a hackerspace. If you aren't looking for it, you might not even know it's there.

The building was suffering from many years of disuse. Walking through the main entryway, you would not know that you are about to enter into a realm of technology, ideas, and resources. We were given the grand tour, and were very impressed by the projects we saw.

The hackers began to arrive, and we started teaching our first workshop.

The workshop attendees finished their microphones, and enjoyed CMKT4's first hackerspace rock performance while the Plasti-Dip dried.

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